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The Postgraduate Program in Communication and Languages of the Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná, from now on called the PPGCom/UTP, obtained a Concept/Grade 5, attributed by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel – Coordenação de  Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES).

The PPGCom/UTP comprises a Master´s (created in 2000) and a Doctorate (2010) Courses, integrated in a single concentration area – “Communication Processes” – and having two Research Lines (from now on called RLs): RL “Cinema and Audiovisual Studies” and RL “Media Processes and Communication Practices”.

As of 2014, the PPGCom/UTP started offering vacancies for postdoctoral studies within the scope of the National Program of Post-Doctorate – CAPES Programa Nacional de Pós-Doutorado (PNPD / CAPES), according to Ordinance nº. 86, of July 3, 2013. In November 2016, the offer of two UTP institutional scholarships for post-doctoral approved candidates also began.


General objectives:

  1. a) To train students and researchers to develop scientific academic research in Communication, enabling the absorption of its contents, values and practices;
  2. b) To contribute to the creation of scientific research centers focused on communication problems and issues, through the deepening of studies in the Area through the RLs “Cinema and Audiovisual Studies” and “Media Processes and Communication Practices”.

Specific objectives:

a) To meet the demand for training teachers and researchers, especially at universities in the capital and in the interior of Paraná and in the State of Santa Catarina, developing the research potential in the region;

b) To improve teaching qualification and training of Communication professionals, articulating research, teaching and extension activities between undergraduate and graduate studies;

c) To enable the training, at the Doctorate level, of teachers from the interior and the capital of Paraná and other states, qualifying researchers and professionals for Communication and Language Studies;

d) To contribute to the promotion of post-graduate development and scientific production in the area of Communication through interinstitutional exchanges, joint research with national and international research groups, monitoring of graduates, dissemination of publication results in books, scientific journals, academic meetings and seminars for master’s and doctoral students.

Target Candidates

Certified students from undergraduate and graduate courses in Communication, Languages, related areas and other researchers interested in the disciplines offered.

Areas of Concentration

Concentration Area

The Program’s focus area, Communication Processes, conceives Communication in its interactional dimension and dynamic aspect, housing both products (specific objects) and socio-cultural practices. It therefore comprises symbolic actions shared socially, which inscribes it in the specific field of Communication and in the Area of Communication and Information.

Social Insertion

Social Insertion

The PPGCom/UTP understands social insertion primarily as the expression of the materiality of training and intervening processes aimed at the production and transfer of knowledge, both for the instances of Basic Education formation and the teaching improvement of higher education in public and private aspects, elementary forms of social intervention. The commitment to the qualification of Brazilian education and its contribution to the regional and national education systems, a consensual assumption of social insertion in the conceptual discussions of the Area Document, is also expressed in the training of students for insertion in teaching through public competition or simply selection. The social impacts of the PPGCom/UTP expressed by student results are proofs of the maturity of the program in its formative assumptions.

Professors and students of the PPGCom/UTP have participated in the main national and international scientific events in the field of Communication, presenting research in several meetings, congresses and symposia of the National Association of Postgraduate Programs in Communication (Compós), of the Brazilian Society of Cinema and Audiovisual Studies (Socine), the Brazilian Association of Journalism Researchers (SBPJor), the Brazilian Association of Media History Researchers (Rede Alcar), the Brazilian Society for Interdisciplinary Communication Studies (Intercom), the Association of Moving Image Researchers (AIM), the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), the Asociación Iberoamericana de Comunicación (Ibercom).

The PPGCom/UTP is consolidated in the areas of Communication and Languages, offering theoretical and methodological references to several related and interactive areas. Teachers from private or public sectors have been looking for the courses offered, either in full modality or as isolated subjects for the preparation of a future master’s or doctorate course.

A positive point that has been intensified in the last selections to Master and Doctorate Courses is the presence of professionals from other areas that seek complementation or intensification and depth of research in Communication and Languages.

Currently, the PPGCom/UTP has students from the areas of Art, Architecture and Urbanism, Cultural Production, Law, Real Estate Management, Business Management, State Advisory and Distance Learning, in addition to the more traditional demand in the areas of Advertising, Technology, Cultural Journalism, Cinema and Audiovisual.

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Weekly: Thursdays and Fridays from 8 am to 6 pm

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Coordination address


Overall Coordination: Prof. Dr. Sandra Fischer Email: [email protected]

Adjunct Coordination: Prof. Dr. Mônica Fort Email: [email protected]

Address: Postgraduate Secretariat Stricto Sensu – Masters and Doctorates

Dean of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension – PROPPE – 1st floor

Address: Sydnei Antonio Rangel Santos – Street, 245 – Santo Inácio – Curitiba – PR CEP. 82010-330


Phone: (41) 3331-7644 and (41) 3331-7706 – Email: [email protected]

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