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The Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Education at the Tuiuti do Paraná Univerity had its Master’s Program recommended and accredited by CAPES according to the report No. CAA / CTC / 11, dated April 9th, 1999, and its Doctorate Program approved by the CNE / Ordinance MEC 1045, dated August 18th, 2010. The so-called PPGED graduates Education researchers and professionals, as well as conducts studies and research in the area at national and international level. The program is based in two Research Lines, consolidated into two thematic fields: Public Policies and Education Management, and Pedagogical Practices: Integrating Elements. These two RLs complement and strengthen themselves in the internal academic discussion of the Program and encompass projects, courses and thematic seminars. Scientific research subsidizes and gives specificity to the lines which in turn are organized into groups according to the research themes. In the RLs, the methodological categories are deepened and the students’ guidelines, the organization of dissertation seminars and advanced studies on Education are defined.


Developing research from academic and social relevance projects, linked to the Program’s Research Lines. Producing knowledge on Education in the course fields demarcated by the Research Lines in accordance with the social demands. Training teachers-researchers who meet the educational needs through in-depth studies and research development that contribute to the development of knowledge and pedagogical practice. Training educators with critical investigative capacity when facing social issues, promoting autonomy and intellectual excellence and contributing to the development of knowledge and pedagogical practice.   Target Public Undergraduates and Masters in Education, Humanities, Social Sciences and other related fields, interested in educational research.  

Areas of Concentration

The area of ​​concentration is Education. The PPGED is articulated in two Research Lines: Public Policies and Education Management; and Pedagogical Practices: Articulating Elements.

Social Insertion

The social integration of PPGED is oriented to the activities developed with Higher and Elementary Education institutions at state and municipal level in Paraná and other Brazilian states. It is articulated to the state, national and international level with educational and research institutions, as well as professional organizations, among others. Thus, the number of students enrolled in a master’s degree program linked to Basic Education is significant; graduates seeking educational support, advisory services for the management of public policies; lectures, conferences and advisory services with themes related to the Education research projects; specialized courses – lato sensu graduation; extension and research projects which have as participants Elementary Education teachers, undergraduates, PPGED master’s degree and doctorate students as: Teaching museum, extension projects; research projects funded by CAPES / Observatory of Education; participation in Education forums and preparatory meetings of national and international events such as the National Association of Graduate Program and Research on Education (Anped), National Association of Educational Policy and Administration (Anpae), National Association for the Training of Education Professionals (Anfope), Brazilian Society of the History of Education (SBHE), Research and Studies group on “History, Society and Education in Brazil” (HISTEDBR), Luso-Brazilian Congress on the History of Education (COLUBHE), Francophone International Association for Scientific Research on Education (AFIRSE – Portugal), Ibero-American Congress of History of Education (CIHELA); participation in cooperation virtual networks for knowledge production and dissemination; participation in Boards of Education and partnerships with government institutions and society.

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Full Shift   Masters: Tuition Fee: free Monthly Payment: 30 x R$ 1.879,00Week days: Mondays and Tuesdays PH.d:                                                        Tuition Fee: free Monthly Payment: 48 x R$ 2.024,00 Week days: Mondays and Tuesdays
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