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The Stricto Sensu Graduate Program on Communication Disorders from the Tuiuti do Paraná University (PMDDIC) started its activities over twenty years ago, with the Master’s Program recommended by CAPES in 1998 and the Doctorate in 2007. The implementation of the program happened as a result of the growth of Speech Therapy throughout the country and more specifically on the Southern Region, which followed the expansion of the University itself. The program has a unique area of concentration in Language and Hearing: Speech Therapy Models. Based on the four Research Lines, organizing the Curriculum Structure, Studies Centers and Research Laboratories aiming at the production of knowledge in partnerships with national recognition institutions in the area of Communication Disorders.

Laboratories of Research in Language, Voice, Dysphagia, Orofacial Motricity, Hearing and Balance have physical infrastructure and specific equipment to offer subsidies to the development of research. The Studies Centers are spaces to foster discussions on the knowledge already produced and new research and extension projects.


The objective of the program is to train researchers and professors with the knowledge directed to the prevention and clinical assessment methods of hearing, language and voice disorders.  Thus, it is linked to the area of Speech Therapy.

PMDDIC also aims training professionals committed to promoting health and with social responsibility. The integration of its actions, involve teaching, research and extension, contributing to the reflection on the phenomena that encompass the Communication Disorders, focusing on the professional and academic practice of Speech Therapy professionals and related fields.

Target Public

Speech therapists and other health professionals such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dentists, educators, among others.

Area of Concentration

PMDDIC is integrated to the “Language and Hearing: Speech Therapy Models” area of concentration.

Language and Hearing: Speech Therapy Models.

Inquiring about the phenomena that encompass the complexity of Communication Disorders focusing on the professional and academic practice of Speech Therapy professionals and related fields. Studies that assume as research fields the aspects related to the oral and written language, hearing, balance, voice and orofacial motricity from an intra- and interdisciplinary perspective.

Social Integration

We present the impacts of the Communication Disorders Program in three areas: educational, social / cultural and technological / economic
Hearing health promotion program in schools:
–Kandora State School
– SENAI School- São José/PR (High School)
– Epheta School – Curitiba/PR (High School)
– Clinical care of children and adolescents of the Public Network of Primary Education of Paraná
– NGO – Semeando a Paz Institute / Curitiba
– Language Workshop
– Municipal Centers for Early Childhood Education (CMEI) in Curitiba
I) Continuing Education Programs

– Contribution to the Training of Qualified Human Resources for Public Administration or Civil Society:
– Contributions to Community Service and Assistance Programs
– Training of the Public Using the Resources of Science and Knowledge

Cochlear Implant IC
– FM System
– Deglutition Disorders Tracking System with DeglutiSom Software was shared with IES and the Department of Health Curitiba-Pr.

Período Preço Descrição
Full Shift   Masters:
Tuition Fee; free
Monthly Tuition: 30 x R$ 1.879,00
Week days: Thursday and Fridays

Tuition Fee: free
Monthly Payment: 48 x R$ 2.024,00
Week days: Thursday and Fridays

Thursdays: from 2pm to 10 pm
Fridays: from 9 am to noon and from 2 pm to 10 pm. 
Study nuclei occur every 15 days on Fridays in the morning.

Amounts subject to change to 2019

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